One of Gothamist's guiltiest pleasures of late has been watching America's Next Top Model. So, after many weeks of stupidity, terrible clothes, and awesome put-downs from Janice Dickinson, we were both sad and excited to watch the finale last night. Down to the final three of Amanda, Yaya, and Eva, we were happily shocked when Eva, the 5'7" "tomboy" from California won. Shocked because she wasn't as chic as Yaya or as potentially editorially glamorous as Amanda, but happy because she wasn't as arrogant as Yaya or flatout spacey as Amanda (weeping about being in Japan? puh-lease). Sure, Eva annoyed us to no end at the beginning, but her observations were always the most honest (when dermatologically challenged Yaya won a facial, Eva said, "The girl who needed a facial won the facial."). Of course, we missed Tocarra and Norelle, but if there's anything we've learned about watching reality television, it's about choosing the lesser of evils - like tonight's Apprentice Finale.

Read the America's Next Top Model forum at Television Without Pity. And watch the finale again tomorrow night, on the UPN, and refer to our drinking game.