American Splendor's Paul Giamatti and creator of the comic, Harvey Pekar; Photo - WireImage

Gothamist saw American Splendor this past weekend and enjoyed this twist on a biopic. The film offers Paul Giamatti as underground writer/cartoonist (though he doesn't draw) Harvey Pekar, as well as the real Harvey Pekar giving narration, as well as other real-life people making appearances alongside the actors who portray them. Giamatti is so perfect as this beleagured, lonely crank, with mouth partly open, perhaps in pain, that it's almost painful to watch. And Hope Davis depretties herself for another movie to brilliantly play Pekar's wife, Joyce Brabner, pursed lips and all. James Urbaniak's Robert Crumb was pretty awesome, as was Judah Friedlander as Genuine Nerd friend Toby Radloff. If this means there is a trend to turn underground comics like Ameircan Splendor, Crumb's work and life and Daniel Clowes' Ghost World into great films, then Gothamist eagerly awaits the next adaptation.

And get this - Harvey Pekar, wife Joyce Brabner, and their daughter (they are guardians) Danielle all have blogs at The American Splendor website is really great, with old photogaphs of the Pekar, his outlines of comics with finished versions, and handwritten reviews. Time's Andrew D. Arnold interviews Harvey, and also learn more about Pekar here.

Buy American Splendor, the comic, as well as My Cancer Year, the comic Harvey and Joyce collaborated on.
Buy Crumb and Ghost World on DVD.