The American Psycho Musical is readying to open in London in December (after that run they'll likely move the production over to New York City) — and they've now cast their Patrick Bateman: Dr. Who's Matt Smith.

Smith—whose final appearance as The Doctor will air in December—will take the stage alongside an ensemble cast which includes Ben Aldridge, Charlie Anson, Jonathan Bailey, Katie Brayben, Cassandra Compton, Holly Dale Spencer, Susannah Fielding, Simon Gregor, Holly James, Lucie Jones, Tom Kay, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Eugene McCoy and Hugh Skinner. Reportedly "Smith’s casting has been shrouded in secrecy with just a handful of the musical’s creative team being in the know. Cast members weren’t being told who their leading man would be until rehearsals" started over the weekend.

Of course, if/when the musical comes to New York, where it belongs, the casting will likely change.

The musical has been in the works for some time, with all of the music coming from the brain of Duncan Sheik, who told us about his score earlier this year. As for the book's author, Bret Easton Ellis told us he's not involved in the musical, just as he wasn't really involved with the movie... but he has at least been involved as an early spectator: "I don't want to say [it's a] chamber pop musical, but definitely something more typical of a Broadway show."