092408americanpsycho.jpgCall them crazy, but a group of producers are convinced that Bret Easton Ellis's violently satirical novel American Psycho will make a fabulous Broadway musical adaptation. Snicker if you must, but remember that naysayers also dismissed the novel as un-filmable, and that ended up getting a lot of critical acclaim. Of course, producers still need to contract a couple hacks to write the book and music, and they don't yet have the rights to those Genesis and Huey Lewis songs, either. But producer David Johnson (a former MGM exec) tells Variety the timing couldn't be more perfect: "Now in particular it seems relevant, especially given what's happening on Wall Street." He also tells Hollywood Reporter he wants the production to be "very real, (though) obviously exaggerated." Which can only mean that the first few rows in the Bateman splatter zone will receive commemorative ponchos, just like Evil Dead: The Musical!