If you've thus far missed your chance to drink champagne on a cot under the Giant Blue Whale, the American Museum of Natural History just announced new dates for its popular adult-only sleepovers.

The two upcoming Night at the Museum for Grown-ups sleepovers—beloved both by regular people and former House Speakers alike—will be held on May 5th and June 30th. Tickets run $350 for non-members and $300 for members, and shelling out that kind of cash gets you some once-in-a-lifetime perks. From 7 p.m. to 9 a.m., you have a nearly-empty museum at your disposal, complete with flashlight-lit tours of the dinosaur exhibits, a midnight star show in the planetarium, the aforementioned champagne, and a fancy dinner feast in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.

Have you long plotted to steal all the shiny rocks from the Memorial Hall of Minerals and Gems? Case the joint now! Has the little boy with a snakebite in the Hall of Reptiles & Amphibians terrified you since childhood? Imagine what fun your dreams will be when you spend some time with it alone, in the dark!

It is also noteworthy that these last two sleepovers coincide with the museum's "Mummies" exhibition, because there's no better place to be in the witching hour than in a building filled with dead cursed bodies, or so I learned from a very important episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark in the '90s.

For a full rundown of the museum's adult sleepovers, peruse our recap from a few years back. Do note that despite the moniker, these sleepovers are not THAT kind of "Adult," even though it is mating season for taxidermy animals and the people who love them.

You can purchase tickets online.