American Idol

No, these are not more pictures from the blackout, these are kids who tried out for American Idol at the Jacob Javits Center. Newsday reports that these hopefuls "slept in the streets, washed their hair with bottled water — and, in one case, a toilet bowl — and lived on coffee and McDonald's for the last two days." Hmm, that does sound like a blackout story. Except for the McDonald's part. There were about 10,000 American Idol wannabes waiting all weekend along Eleventh Avenue outside the Javits Center for yesterday's tryouts.

Gothamist was struck by 23 year old Pittsburgh resident Kristin Kress' philosophical comment, "They are looking for a certain type of person and maybe I'll resemble what they want, but if not, this is just a great TV show and experience to give everyday people the chance to go after their dreams. How many people can say they slept in the streets of New York City without showering for a few days to go for their dreams?"

More about American Idol contestants in the Daily News, including the experience of one staffer.