0806aamo.jpgTwo weeks ago Eater reported that 34 Avenue A, the space that held Mo Pitkin's -- which closed earlier this year, is now in contract. Since there's a transferable liquor license which goes along with the keys to the joint (described as a perfect multi-use space), it will likely become another bar/venue/club...but one prankster is suggesting otherwise.

Copyranter caught a glimpse of the old "House of Satisfaction" recently. If you look closely past the glare on the window, you'll see "what appears to be a big sticker, our insatiable merry NYC AA prankster takes over the window of the shuttered Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction on Avenue A. The 'We're coming' headline is from this AA ad announcing the retailer's entry into the Japanese market."

In all likelihood, however, American Apparel is not coming to the space, lest Dov Charney plans to enter the nightclub biz. In which case, we're all doomed.