Charlie Sheen's live show (titled My Violent Torpedo of Truth) will be headed to NYC next month, along with a slew of other cities. It's still not sold out here, despite numerous reports that it is (really, we just checked, still seats available!). Anyway, for those concerned with Charlie earning enough money to support himself and his goddesses sans his high paying television gig, fear not: TMZ reports that he will make $7 million dollars for this tour.

A source told the site, "the deal is for Charlie to perform on 21 dates. He'll get 85% of the profits, with Live Nation getting the remaining 15%. Charlie's cut is projected to average between $250,000 - $275,000 for each show." He will also profit from after parties and merch sales.

There's no advertising costs, since the MaSheen has done his own publicity work through his Twitter account. Anyway, congratulations America! We did it! We raised funds for a womanizing, drug addicted, privileged white male so that he may continue down his path of destruction!

Meanwhile, if you want to fight violence against women, instead, you can buy this Unfollow Charlie shirt—which was almost banned by the MaSheen's team of lawyers.