If you're honoring New York City's Chinese-food-and-a-movie tradition tonight (and I know I am), consider the AMC Village 7, which is hosting its grand re-opening after a months-long, top-to-bottom renovation. It was, let's be honest, totally needed, as in recent years the theater had become one of the junkiest in Manhattan. Not anymore though! Here's a look at all of the new amenities.

  • Reclining seats in all seven theaters. If you've been to the AMC up on West 84th and Broadway, you know these well. They're red. They're soft and wide. They recline to a nearly 180-degree angle, perfect for sleeping off your disappointment with Sisters. Kidding!
  • Extravagant amounts of leg room. Even when your seat is fully stretched out, your fellow movie-goers have plenty of space to walk freely in front of you. You will never have to touch or stumble over another human being at the new Village 7.
  • Crazy soda dispensers and ice machines. Want a Diet Orange Dr. Pepper with a shot of Sprite? You can have it. Or maybe cool down from the Christmas heat with a frozen slush sugar bomb.
  • Actual well-designed men's rooms. As any male who ever had use a bathroom at the old Village 7 will tell you, that whole urinal-placed-right-in-front-of-the-stall thing could get a little dicey. The new layout ensures that you will never be blocked from exiting by a peeing patron.
  • Reserved seating coming soon. The manager told me that all seven screens will be switching over the reserved seating in a couple months.

Get tickets for tonight's showings now! David O. Russell's Joy, for example, is already sold out this afternoon, so don't assume they'll be plenty of seats tonight because its Christmas.

The Village 7 is located at 66 Third Avenue on the corner of East 11th Street.