Have you seen a red SUV trolling the streets, with someone taking pictures of your street? It's not a photoblogger with a driver's license, and it's not a terrorist (we think) either - it's Amazon.com's street team! Only, their street team is working for A9.com, Amazon's effort to bring the "Yellow Pages to life by adding 20 million images":

The most powerful technology A9.com invented for Yellow Pages is “Block View,” which brings the Yellow Pages to life by showing a street view of millions of businesses and their surroundings. Using trucks equipped with digital cameras, global positioning system (GPS) receivers, and proprietary software and hardware, A9.com drove tens of thousands of miles capturing images and matching them with businesses and the way they look from the street.

It's official: Amazon wants to give you new ways to stalk people. A9 is available for New York and other large cities (including LA, Chicago, and San Francisco), and they want to roll it out to, well, everywhere. Also interesting is that when you search, Google images for the search word will also come up.

Now, if only Amazon will develop some sort of ESP-technology that lets us search from vertical positions, they would own our souls.