Like this but with products instead of food.

Now you can impulse purchase a 64" flatscreen television, Beats by Dre, or some hand lotion. Amazon introduced Prime Now to certain areas of Manhattan customers today, and will roll out the service in other boroughs and other cities next year. This allows you to bring merchandise right to your door, almost immediately, by simply tapping your phone (or computer) screen. So that Seamless addict, and those like her, will be broke by February.

The service offers one hour delivery for $7.99, or two-hour delivery for free, and it's available from 6 a.m. to midnight all week long.

Remember when you just walked to your bodega for batteries? Or hopped on the subway to go to Target? Or went to an actual market to buy food? Or watched sunlight dance across a human face? We're reaching Jetsons-level futuristic technology, so IRL errands like those will all seem old school soon enough... for better or worse.