You've got to stop whatever you are doing and check out the urban exploration galleries at Netherworld Online. We don't know who these guys are, but they've assembled an amazing gallery of over 2000 images-- and it's top-notch breaking-an-entering type stuff. For instance, the footage from inside the new World Trade Center #7, taken over the summer-- check out the guy sitting in the bottom right corner of the photo above. Don't stop there, though-- check out these: subway explorations, St. John the Divine, Pepsi Plant, Fulton Fish Market, Red Hook Grain Terminal, Hell Gate Bridge. There's tons more-- we've spent hours in this gallery already, and we still haven't seen it all.

Related: If you enjoy this kind of scummy, run down stuff, you should definitely take a peek at Rosencrans' walking tour of scummy NYC (1974-1984) in today's NYM. How we wish for the days of old SoHo!