Amanda Bynes is still free on her own recognizance after being arrested for allegedly throwing a bong out the window—and for marijuana possession—on Thursday night. However, she took the Twitter to clear her bizarre name.

Bynes insists that she didn't throw a bong (she told the judge it was a vase). However, in the criminal complaint, the police officer stated, "I observed defendant open the door. And saw a bong on the kitchen counter. When I asked defendant about said bong, and while wearing full police uniform, I observed defendant grab said bong, run to the westbound-facing window, and throw it out the window."

Then she admitted her wig was not a great look:

The management of the Biltmore had contacted the police because Bynes was allegedly smoking pot in the lobby of the West 47th Street building. When police arrived, they entered her apartment—Bynes now claims they entered illegally—and say the bong-throwing occurred. Also, sources say her apartment smelled heavily of pot.

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Complicating the prosecutor's case is the fact that the cops didn't find a bong on the street. Her lawyer told the judge, "There was nothing recovered from the sidewalk, clearly a search was made for the bag."

Before being taking to the police station on Thursday night, Bynes was taken to the hospital for a psych evaluation—and she reportedly called 911 while there to complain about the cops. However, she hasn't been diagnosed as having a mental illness, which complicates matters for her parents to intervene. But a worker at the apartment building told the Daily News, "She's crazy, she's not right in the head! She walks around talking to herself. She needs medical attention... She comes up to me and looks at me like this"—the worker had a "maniacal, Joker-style smile"—"Like she's crazy!"