In another case of art picking up after commerce, Altoids commissioned a series of art work from five different contemporary artists to give the new Altoids Strips a new spin. The "Curiously Strong Comic Strip Series" has different imaginings of the breath strips from Beth Campbell, Erik Hanson, Dave Muller, Dave Rathman and Wayne White, and the artwork is being auctioned off on eBay until September 4. The highest bid will be matched by Altoids and all the money will be donated to the New Museum. Also, the highest bidder will get a year's supply of Altoids Strips. Mmm, a year of fresh breath and art.

2003_8_altoidsstrips.jpgGothamist loves how the Altoids strips are in a metal tin, versus the plastic containers the other breath strips are in. We also are big fans of the sour Altoids and have found the mini-films promoting them hysterical as they spoof school 16mm films.

Our all-time favorite commerce-inspired art films are The Hire from BMW.