Move over Metro and amNewYork, put down that Kindle commuters—there's a new option for underground reading: books. Non-profit group Choose What You Read NY has started a free underground book exchange that encourages folks to recycle used books by passing them on to fellow straphangers. A sticker with the organization's logo signifies where the book came from, and readers are encouraged to bring it back for someone else once they are done. The distribution takes place once a month right now—they say, "You will find us near major subway stations on the first Tuesday of each month." Drop-off boxes will also be on hand, and are currently set up at three other locations as well (Whole Foods, Revival Bar and KGB Bar). Learn more at their Facebook page, and read about the program from the founder herself, Claire Wilson. She says, "This isn’t about being highbrow. We’re not saying we want everyone to read Kafka on the train. If you want to read a tabloid, go for it—but choose one and buy it. Don’t just take whatever is pushed at you." [via Idealist]