Jay-Z performed a rehearsal show on Saturday night at Nokia Theater, prior to his Sunday night Radio City Music Hall Show (which sounds like it was amazing). Both celebrating the 10th anniversary of his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. There were plenty of cameras in the audience, apparently most being used to videotape parts of the show (likely because any sort of flash would have reflected off a Jay Z's sequined shirt).

The above clip (from Saturday) shows the orchestra he had backing him up (dubbed The Hustler Orchestra). Wes describes the moment captured: "Highlight of the night was a new freestyle at the end of Twenty Two Twos called Fourty Four Fours where he dropped the word 'four' 44 times in a rhyme and ended it with: "that's fourty four four motherfuckers and I'm nice."

Notice he says "champagne" in the beginning. Cristal is so over. Speaking of which, Frederic Rouzaud, president of Cristal, has just responded to Jay-Z's anti-Cristal statement with his own, stating, "I welcome this opportunity to set the record straight and express our gratitude that people from a diversity of cultures and countries have been enjoying our wine for so long and have allowed us to prosper since 1776.”

Here are some great photos of the orchestra rehearsing for the Radio City show.