As we mentioned yesterday, the Craigslist posting regarding a Bronx Zoo zoologist and her alligator was a hoax, and now the person behind it has stepped forward for his/her prize: attention. The hoaxer wrote in to The Boken Online, saying:

“As I rolled out of bed Tuesday morning, my humorous creative mind came a full 360. I was going to pull a punkd of sorts but never thought it would get such a reaction from the general public. I decided to place an ad on craigslist offering a room for rent for $250, but there was a catch, the catch was you, the renter would have to care for a 48 year old alligator named Keomba. I knew when writing the ad that I may get some local response but never thought for a minute that over 120 of you would respond with such belief?

If you’re awaiting a reply to see if you’re a fit candidate for the apartment, let it go and stop waiting. If you told your friends about the situation, go back and tell em you were PUNKD. If you’re calling the animal control board, please hang up, there are no alligators in town. If you live on 2nd and Grand, please feel free to walk around your corner tonight, you’re not going to be eaten.”

Guess that bit about the alligator having no teeth, but getting them reinserted upon return to the zoo should have been the tip off.