Last week, the NY Post suggested that Barclays Center might have a racist metal detector policy, since they were there for Jay-Z's eight shows but not for Barbra Streisand's following two shows. Barclays Center responded the next day by explaining they just had been experimenting with various security techniques; they declared that they'd stop using metal detectors for the "foreseeable future." Well, the foreseeable future has lasted five days: yesterday, the metal detectors were back in place. And it wasn't even for an event—it was just for people waiting on line to get free tickets to a boxing match tomorrow night.

Atlantic Yards Report snagged a photo of the scene at Barclays Center yesterday morning. "Maybe there's a distinction, in their mind, between entering for events and entering the ticket office, and maybe the crowd was small enough for the tactic not to cause delays, but it still seems inconsistent," they wrote. And beyond the inconsistencies, there's the question of audience: what is so nerve-wracking about people on line for free tickets to a boxing the morning? Were they concerned someone might bring a gun to a free ticket giveaway? Really?

Arena spokesman Joe DePlasco told the Post that there were just two detectors left that “are being transitioned out by the end of the week.” Most of the others had been removed October 11th. They add that the final two detectors were removed last night—which means Barclays can worry about more important issues now, like toilet paper trauma and pissed off Park Slopers.