Over the weekend Beyonce dropped a new video for the song 7/11, which features a lot of product. Like a lot more than usual. Airbrushed underwear, Kale sweatshirts, official Beyonce merch, outdated New Year's glasses, and... Buzzfeed has a whole list. But not THE whole list—for the ultimate sheeple, you are also going to need the following stuff, made right over in Bushwick.

WXYZ Jewelry wrote in to tell us that Beyonce's "wearing four items from the[ir] fledgling Brooklyn label," including the Leather Visor as a Crown, which contains A LOT of triangles. Here's the breakdown:

Gio Leather Baseball Cap: $575
Leather Visor Crown: $425
Overlap Bangle: $95
Spring Coil Cuff: $130

That's $1,225 total. Or the price of one month in one room in a shared apartment in Bushwick.

This was really just an excuse to watch this video again, because it's awesome. Why can't Beyonce be our Global Welcome Ambassador?

As for the Kale sweatshirt, which is pretty affordable but not locally-made, a rep at Sub-Urban Riot tells us, "We will have more in stock at the end of next week. Beyonce caught us off guard :)"