2007_04_arts_paper.jpgEvery year that tragically hip (used to be Downtown) now-Midtown magazine, Paper, gives us a list of all the beautiful people. Some are famous, most you've never heard of, all of them are pretty on the inside (and/or outside!) and most importantly - they're all doing something cooler than you. Let's take a look at some of this years BPs:

Hayes Peebles is in there, the 14-year old wunderkind that played our last Movable Hype show (video here).

The Burg also made the cut, though it's entirely confusing as to why the magazine didn't photograph the entire cast.

• The Lower East Side's own version of Lady Sov, Tippy, is accounted for as well. She started out at the Bowery Poetry Club two and a half years ago.

So who's missing? We think Sam Mason (hot indie rock chef), The National (who are on the cusp of putting out the best album of '07), Haik Kocharian (up and coming New York photog), Stephen Colbert (needs no introduction), Michael Pitt (seemingly tortured young lad suffering from post-Dawson's Creek angst) and of course Tim Gunn!