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Nothing is more disappointing than getting eyes from a cute stranger and not having the courage to say hi. Happn is a new app that helps with that age-old problem: how do you meet people if you're too shy to make a connection?

But here's what sets Happn apart from other dating apps: Instead of just showing singles from your social networks, it pulls up all the people you've crossed paths with recently. If they were within a block of your location and they have a profile on Happn, they'll be waiting on your timeline. By taking it to the next level with your moving location, you can meet people who really share your interests. Here's a few places you won't want to be without it this summer.



Nothing says "pretty people walking around looking pretty" quite like the Highline. It's the place to be on a beautiful summer Saturday, so next time you go out, make sure to have your profile all set up so you can scroll through your matches at the bar after. If you're lucky, your match will still be nearby.

First Date Idea: Explore Central Park. Rent a rowboat from the Boathouse, visit the Zoo, even go birdwatching in the Ramble—this park is more than a cliché, plus there's enough scenery and public art to put the still-young Highline to shame.


via Governors Ball.

It's no secret the summer festival circuit is a great way to meet people, but this year's Governors Ball has such a great mix of artists this year that you're bound to make a real connection. Drake, Björk or deadmau5, doesn't matter—trade glances with that cutie by the stage and see if they return the feeling. Then you can go grab a bite at the food trucks and share your All-Time Top 5.

First Date Idea: A show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. One of the city's best venues has a great mix of standing room downstairs and seating upstairs. It's an intimate space that hosts all kinds of musicians, so grab some tickets and head to the balcony. It'll be loud enough you'll have to sit close and whisper.


via Crown Vic.

Summer in New York is all about finding ways to get outside without the benefit of a backyard. And if you don't have a good stoop, the patio at your local watering hole is the next best thing. Every week you probably cross paths with someone at the pool table, the bar, the picnic tables out back—this time you'll actually get to learn their name.

First Date Idea: Same thing, different day. Why fix what ain't broke? It's already your favorite place, so just set up a time to hang out there, this time together. It could be the start of something even better.

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