This week's Saturday Night Live will be a special show devoted to Prince. The episode, dubbed "Goodnight, Sweet Prince," was announced on SNL's website.

The iconoclastic star first performed on the program in 1981. Charlene Tilton was the host and Todd Rundgren was the musical guest, but then-producer Jean Doumanian wanted to book Prince, so he ended up going on at the end. In 2014, she told the Washington Post that she "remember[ed] getting a tape from Prince’s agent. He was just 22, hot off opening for Rick James but still more than a year away from releasing his breakthrough, '1999.'" She said, " was blown away. He was just the most original act I had seen in a long time."

He performed "Partyup"—this Japanese site has video of the segment. Rundgren recalled the show, "My most interesting experience with Prince was on Saturday Night Live. I was wearing a slightly racy costume in which my, er, package was prominently displayed. And there were some complaints. Then Prince came on for his first national TV appearance and he wore a pair of tidy-whitey underpants and a big cape. So no matter what anyone had to say about my costume, it became all about Prince in his underwear."

Then Prince returned in 2006, when Steve Martin hosted, singing and playing "Fury" (video) and "Beautiful, Loved and Blessed." In 2014, when Chris Rock returned to host, Prince appeared with 3rdeyegirl, playing a medley of "Clouds", "Marz" and "Another Love."

He also performed at the 1989 SNL 15th anniversary special and played the after-party at the 40th anniversary.

Of course, one of cast member Fred Armisen's most popular recurring characters was Prince:

Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.