Amazon Prime, arguably Netflix's biggest competitor, just scored a big win by getting the rights to stream many of HBO's classic shows. One could also argue that Netflix has been one of HBO's biggest competitors, on the original series front... which Amazon is also getting in to.

According to Previously.TV, "the exclusive ten-year deal only covers older series... though Girls and Veep will make their way to Amazon eventually, probably around three years after each season has ended."

The press release was sent out this morning, and Amazon has already parked the HBO Collection on their site, though it won't be available to Prime members until May 21st. The shows include: Six Feet Under (now you can watch that finale over and over again), The Sopranos, The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, True Blood, Enlightened, Bored To Death, Eastbound & Down, and more. Their miniseries and films will also be made available. And Deadline points out that "by year end Amazon will offer HBO GO on its new Fire TV platform" (which is their version of Apple TV and Roku... when did TV get so complicated?).

The annual Amazon Prime membership rate will be raised to $99 in August (a $20 increase), which is around the same as an annual Netflix membership... though they'll be increasing their price soon.