Mets fans hoping to scavenge Shea Stadium's dumpsters for memories are fresh out of luck, because the team is selling every nook and cranny of their old house at an online auction. Seriously, everything is for sale. Yankee Stadium has only sold off old seats so far, but plan on seeing more of The House that Ruth Built become a cash cow for the city at the end of October, when the remains are auctioned at MSG.

As for Shea, while some pieces make sense to auction off to fans (an outfield wall panel, maybe even the Bud Light neon sign), others are questionable (the American Flag, the AIG advertisement). And who would want an escalator sign hung by the escalators where a fan fell to his death earlier this year? In the end, however, the city could use some cash, so pony up sports fans! Just don't get your hopes up for a urinal, those are for the Parks Department. [via Queens Crap]