Starting October 1st, Netflix is gifting the (subscribing) universe with all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls available for streaming. That is 153 episodes, according to Decider, which broke this very important story. Amazon Prime currently charges around $25 a season, or $1.99 per episode, so this is incredible news for fans of the fictional town of Stars Hollow, CT, who previously would have had to pay hundreds of dollars to revisit it.

Not a fan? Think this show is just a saccharine sitcom-soap best enjoyed bundled up on a couch with some hot cocoa? That's not totally inaccurate, but it's the best one of those shows—possibly the best comfort show ever created. Maybe you would be interested in hearing about some of its many guest stars: Jon Hamm, Chris Eigeman, KIM GORDON AND THURSTON MOORE. Also: Melissa McCarthy had a recurring role in the series.

Now what can we do about getting Northern Exposure on Netflix... or anywhere online?