Kurt Cobain died ten years ago, and a decade gives people enough time (and evidence) to consider his legacy and think that Courtney Love really killed him. There's a Dateline segment transcript of authors Max Wallace and Ian Halperin contending Courtney Love had more to do with Cobain's death, with an excerpt of their new book, "Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain." The excerpt os of a private investigator who Love hired to find Kurt during his final days:

“In retrospect,” he says, “I realized that Courtney was trying to plant a trail of clues that the couple had some sort of suicide pact. You’ll see later that many writers reported this pact, based on things that Courtney told the public after Kurt’s death. In this discussion the first day I met her, she actually admits to me that her planted story was designed to falsely convince people that she had attempted suicide while Kurt was missing. I think it was a calculated effort to gain sympathy with Kurt’s followers to help them make the seamless transition from Nirvana fan to Hole fan.”

Yeah, planting stories about suicide pacts never work out that well. Yes, Kurt was disturbed and Courtney is loony (real or fake, we don't know, but does it matter?), but everyone can safely agree that they hope Frances Bean Cobain gets to live a life not negatively burdened by her parents.

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