Recently Netflix added The Wonder Years to their streaming option, which pretty much makes up for the whole Qwikster thing, right? That's 115 episodes of watching Kevin Arnold & Co. make the awkward transition into young adulthood in the 1960s. Remember Kevin and Winnie's first kiss?

Did you know the location of the show was never specified, and though most believe the Arnold family lived in California, "a few elements hint at the show being set in the New York City area, as evidenced by Kevin's New York Jets jacket as well as frequent references to the New York Mets." We're not buying it, though—that show had a pretty West Coast vibe, no?

The show originally ran from 1988 through 1993, on ABC, and has been here and there in syndication over the years. If you make it through the full series again, you'll get to relive one of the best series finales in history. Just this year TV Guide ranked it #11 in their Most Unforgettable Finales list.