We were excited to see that today's interview was with Alexis Rockman, the artist who created that wild 8' by 24' mural for the Brooklyn Museum's entrance. The mural, Manifest Destiny, shows what Brooklyn would look like in 3000 years, ravaged by global warming. Rockman worked on the mural with the help of Columbia Unversity's Godard Institute for Space, to guess what the climate would be like, and they came up with a Brooklyn (and the rest of the city) flooded under 82 feet of water. Linda Yablonsky's April NY Times article has description of the process of putting the mural together, here's a review from NY magazine, and, naturally, Greenpeace loves the mural. Gothamist could imagine this mural in many a Brooklyn living room - were they big enough. You can see Manifest Destiny at the Brooklyn Museum.

A note about the Interviews: Many people have wondered, been confused by/upset at/shocked by this week's questionless format. Gothamist's decision was to let our guest interviewers find their own interview style and rhythm that they feel comfortable with and feel would suit their subjects. We love K. Thor's questionless style - it's a way of really being inserted into the subject's mind - as much as we love the traditional Q&A style, and we hope you don't miss out on these interviews. That said, we're pretty sure that our cast of guest interviewers lined up through the early fall will be using some sort of Q&A format, but it will not be settled until we announce a new interviewer willing and able to take up the task of producing one new interview each weekday - it's much harder than it looks! Thanks for all of your feedback.