2004_09_alexedge_small.jpgBagel or Donut?

Bagel - come on! I’m from Brooklyn.

Puma or Adidas?

Paris or Nicole?

Alex, tell the Gothamist audience how we met.
We worked together at a music post-production house. I was the company PA. I learned many tricks of the trade. Overall, it was a great experience except when you made me flush dead fish from the office fish tank.

Now you're a DJ. You are of Russian descent. Where in New York did you grow up? Do you ever incorporate any Russian flavor to your music?
I grew up in Bensonhurst. Honestly, I remember seeing more Italians then Russians in my neighborhood. Not so much anymore. For some reason I always refused to go with the masses, so I’m still here. As far as my music, I never saw it as a arene for an ethnic feel - just my personality maybe. My grandfather passed down to me the desire to constantly listen to music. He listens to all kinds of Russian music and loves the rhythm in the old tango and waltzes. I think being around that kind of music may be one of the reasons why I love house music so much. It’s all about the rhythm. My music is house, makes people dance, a sound with a very New York Edge, no pun intended, really.

Describe a typical scene at Brighton Beach on a sunny, summer Saturday.
I am driving to the beach, looking for a parking spot for two frickin’ hours, because everyone and their mother goes food shopping at the same time.

What is the current club scene in New York right now?
The New York scene is pretty much about hip-hop and "bottles" now. Bottles is a concept pushed at the club door to try and sell as many bottles of champagne and vodka to the crowd as possible. It’s a celebrity lifestyle imitation.

There are some great venues still out there especially in Miami. Miami draws people in my industry because the weather is warm and there is always a party. Some hot clubs in Miami I like are Crobar, Space - a good after hours club - and Nikki Beach has a great crowd and energy. They are all definitely doing their thing the right way. It’s something that goes around in circles I think, but in the end it’s all dance music.

How do you record your own music? Do you have a partner or someone that you work with?
I mainly use a program called Pro Tools. No, I don’t have any partners. I do work with a few extremely talented and fun people. My friend Dan “Dante” O’Sullivan is someone I currently work on remixes with. I also work with Jamie Shields. He hails from Jersey which is sort of safe and dangerous at the same time. He has a great feel for dance music.

What is the craziest party you ever DJ’d and why? Where was it? What was the crowd?
Memorial Day Weekend, at Cielo. It was the best vibe at a party this year. My b-day party is also usually quite a memorable event.

How many nights a week are you out - and until when? Where are you going?
Not as much as I used to be for sure. Maybe one or two nights a week. I definitely can’t stay out as late as I used to, for one simple reason. I get extremely hungry. Thank you to our mayor for letting some of our restaurants stay open all night.

You don’t drink or smoke. This seems hard to believe considering your club going peers. Do you feel pressure to fit in?
Not really. Everyone knows what I’m about and that is just me. Most people respect it, some people find it peculiar. In the end it doesn’t really matter I guess. I did try a sip of some girl’s apple martini last week. So gross!

Name one thing you hate about New York, and one thing you love.
I can honestly say I don’t hate anything about New York, but if I really had to pick it would be the crowded train when I am trying to take a nap. As far as what I love about New York, there is nothing that beats walking down Broadway on a cool Autumn day and watching people go by. Cliché, I know, but it’s true.

What is your ultimate New York dream-if you could live anywhere in the city where would it be?
I’d like a loft somewhere along side West Side Highway. If not then I will just move into Sheepshead Bay along with the other Russians.

If you could DJ anywhere what club would you be at?
I would like to go back to Russia, and do a few gigs there. I hear the scene is great.

You once told me Russians are superstitious. Name a superstition you find yourself believing in.
Oh god. This is so silly. My mom told me to pull my ears after every time I sneeze. I still do it. I don’t even know why.

Who in the industry is an idol of yours?
I admire anyone who’s artistic not necessarily in music. Warhol is someone I admire. As far as a DJ probably Junior Vasquez, and I am sure I’m not the only one who thinks so.

New York is a fasionable town, and you are a fashionable guy. Where do you go shop?
I look for a sale then I go nuts. To me fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. I did have a personal designer making clothes for me, but he disappeared. Maybe he will read this and find me. Please?

What are your top five favorite web sites-sites you visit every day?
Google.com, Whimit.com, Clubsick.com, Ebay.com, and I check my mail constantly.

How many people do you have on your DJ mailing list?
I have thousands on my mailing list. You can sign up at djalexedge.com.

Interview by Kristen Duncan Williams