Someone bring Gwyneth Paltrow a wine cooler! (Can we call her Sir Gwyneth Paltrow now? Gender aside, it just seems fitting?) Anyway, the actress just Tweeted: "Shooting in sunny central park. Reminds me of my youth. Whatever happened to bartles and jaymes? Could rock one of those things."

Did Gwyneth really drink Bartles & Jaymes in her youth? Would she reallydrink rock one now? Someone please go scatter some of GOOP-preferred brand of wine coolers around the set of Thanks For Sharing and let's see if she can put her money where her Tweet is. Your move, Sir Gwyneth Paltrow. (Though we should note, she has been hitting the juice pretty hard lately, first Tweeting about being hungover, and then posing for this pic at a bar with Courtney Love.)

As an aside: Why aren't there any Brooklyn artisanalsters recreating the wine cooler? That is something we would like to see happen.