Awkward. (Photo via LIFE)

Last year we were alarmed when we heard mistletoe may become extinct, but we moved on, and honestly... sort of forgot all about it. At that point the seasonal snog plant shortage was happening far away in the UK anyway. But now the NY Times is back with more fearmongering over losing the rape-kiss plant, reporting that the shortage has now hit the States, due to a relentless drought in Texas. They note the branches that have arrived in New York "are so anemic that they just aren’t worth the high price tag" (which is typically $5 for a tiny branch).

One shop owner in Boerum Hill says that it's even hard to find the fake stuff these days, but fear not! This doesn't mean a shortage of kissing. Not on our watch.

A florist named Mr. George told the Grey Lady, “In 1901 you needed to be under the mistletoe to steal a kiss in public. In 2011, you can do just about anything you want in public and it goes unnoticed. I don’t think it will affect the number of kisses." But just in case, maybe we should think of a new plant that we can make out under?