The Museum of the Moving Image will debut an exhibition all about cats on the web, which should be the most important information on the Internet today but somehow is not. Again: starting next month, a museum will dedicate part of its space to Internet Cats. Internet Cats will consume an entire amphitheater. We were put on earth specifically for this experience.

According to a press release, the exhibition, How Cats Took Over The Internet, will run from August 7th until January 31st, and will feature famed feline web sensations like Lil Bub, lolcats, and Caturday. Not mentioned in the release, but likely on tap: Venus the Two-faced Kitten, Grumpy Cat, Sam The Cat With Eyebrows, Garfi, Shironeko, Colonel Meow, Kitler, Maru the Box Cat, Nala The Surprised Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Snoopy, Zarathustra, Pudge, Winston, and my personal favorites, the cast of Why My Cat Is Sad.

"The Internet’s collective obsession with cats offers a window into the way we understand ourselves," Associate Curator of Digital Media Jason Eppink said today. "This exhibition examines the many reasons for this deceptively frivolous phenomenon and highlights the new ways we’re creating, consuming, and sharing culture."

More succinctly:

The exhibit will boast everything from cat videos, to GIFs, to a multimedia timeline that aims to pinpoint exactly how and when cats became the reigning kings of the World Wide Web.

MoMI is open Wednesdays through Sundays. I will camp out there every day until February, and you are all free to join me.