The last we checked in with Alec Baldwin's pregnant wife Hilaria Thomas, she was doing her darndest to survive Hurricane Sandy. But she must be asking herself whether this post-Sandy world is one she even wants to live in now that she's been sued by a grad student who claims he suffered yoga injuries in her class that caused a "severe" and "serious" "emotional upset."

Spencer Wolfe, 32, doesn't specify what he injured during Thomas’ Jan. 15th class at Yoga Vida—but he does specify how it made him feel (as you can see from the quoted terms above). As for how he came by his unspecified injuries, he claims Thomas forced him "to perform a dangerous activity at a wall," which sounds like it could be any yoga pose. He blamed the unspecified injuries on the “overcrowded” class and Thomas’ “negligence."

Gawker adds some background on Wolfe and his "comedically fancy pedigree, [which] reads like the New York Times wedding announcement version of a civil action." He's a former Huffington Post blogger, a filmmaker, he is currently a student at Yale, and he's published a novel, Resettlement, which is available online. After you read part of his description for it, we imagine you'll have the rest of your weekend booked: "Part comédie humaine in the Maghreb, part epic tale of hope and perseverance, Resettlement is also a personal meditation on surviving trauma."