Some two years after the fact, folks are still asking Alec Baldwin about The Voicemail. This time around it's not quite the sprawling New Yorker piece, but a short Playboy interview. The actor told the magazine that following the incident, he trusted The View as a safe forum where he could "get a fair shake." However, he quickly turned his back to another NYC morning show, declaring, "I'm on an NBC show, and Today was considered vital. But when that voice-mail tape thing happened, Matt Lauer interviewed [TMZ's Harvey] Levin before he even called me. Lauer put Levin on Today, and they never phoned me. When it’s in their interest to reach me, they know how. I saw that and said, ‘My relationship with the Today show is over.’ I’ll never do Today again, ever. Life’s too short." And as for 30 Rock, he plans to retire in 2012 when, presumably, he'll begin living a fantasy life with a new family that is unaware of his past life as a celebrity.