Alec Baldwin is a talented actor, but it seems like he's terrible at relaxing. After news broke this week about his alleged stalker (which brought the disgust of Andrea Pesyer, plus some Today Show employees to try to interview him at his home) and an incident last week where the Daily News sent a reporter and photographer to his fiancee's yoga class, Baldwin has been complaining about the media and the kind of attention that's paid to an Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated celebrity. So he's in Rome right now, yet he's still lashing out:

Peyser, who found it weird that Baldwin took his alleged stalker out a few times and recommended that his fiancee ditch him, was pretty stoked that Baldwin had been mentioning her on Twitter:

In his latest tweets, Alec looked into my eyes. And he talked directly into my soul.

“Andrea Peyser, you are as bad a writer as you are filled with self-hatred,’’ Alec wrote. Wow. This guy really cares about my well-being!
“Go back to Langan’s’’ (a great bar on West 47th Street) “and bring a Strunk and White. ’’ That, by the way, is a stylebook for journalists, y’all.

Oh, Alec. The order of protection is on its way to you in the mail.

As Alec and I know, he just can’t get enough of me and my column.
Sweet Alec is quite a busy guy.

Alec’s day is jampacked with making a TV show, as well as torturing a Canadian alleged stalker. Alec had pretty, thin Genevieve Sabourin, 40, arrested Sunday after she sent him hundreds of texts and e-mails.

All we can say is, "Alec, you're in Rome with your fiancee—just enjoy life and STEP AWAY FROM TWITTER."