There's been a whole lot of brouhaha about a possible Alec Baldwin mayoral bid for the 2013 race: will he do it? Will he square off against his flaxen-haired, freakishly tan baby brother Stephen? What will become of Jack Donaghy?! We're not sure, and Baldwin apparently isn't either, because he needs to back to school to learn how to be a mayor first.

In a recent interview, Baldwin said he's talking with "two top universities about enrolling in a master’s program in politics and government 'to help me better understand what the fiscal imperatives of that job are.'" He claims he won't be throwing his hat into the ring in 2013 due to contractual obligations on 30 Rock, and because he needs to establish a permanent residence in the city first (the Long Island native currently has a home on Amagansett). He just sold his $9.5 million pad on the UWS, which he described as "not a little kind of jewel-box, privileged pocket of the city like some neighborhoods are," to move downtown with his 27-year-old yoga teacher girlfriend.

Baldwin, a Democrat, was loose with political specifics, saying only, "What I think the government should be doing, who I think government should be serving, and in what way and what it should be prioritizing is a lot different than people would think.” One issue we'd like to see him tackle: calling for the official passage of a Schweddy Balls Ice Cream.