Alec Baldwin is getting married to fiancée Hilaria Thomas sometime in the near future—emphasis on sometime. Even Baldwin's closest friends and family members don't know exactly when and where the wedding reception will take place. “I’m going. I haven’t been told the location yet,” actor brother Stephen told the Post. “That’s about all I can say, because he [Alec] can still kick my butt." And the Post claims that guests will be sent the location via text message on the day of their nuptials.

While the wedding reception is still clouded in mystery, there's no secret where the wedding will take place: historic St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Nolita. According to the News, the couple had to fulfill a litany of “conditions and requirements” to be married there. That included completing a “marriage preparation course,” a meeting with a priest for a 'prematrimonial investigation,' and battling a hoard of paparazzo while dressed as a ghost.

For some reason, the Post doesn't think Baldwin will be taking a proper honeymoon just yet—that may be because he has to start filming the final season of 30 Rock soon, AND he's booked himself on Broadway for 2013 in Lyle Kessler’s 1983 drama “Orphans.”