Our state government in Albany may not be able to pass a budget within one, two or three months, but our pork barrel spending is unparalleled. So unparalleled that chase scenes in the upcoming Angelina spy thriller Salt were filmed in Albany: Director Phillip Noyce told NBC Los Angeles that even though one sequence is set in D.C., Albany was a terrific substitute, "Due to excessive pork barreling over the years, the capital of New York has built up the most elaborate freeway system you have ever seen," and mentioned "one overpass to nowhere which just stopped... It was really convenient to one (movie) sequence. It's a tragedy (for taxpayers) but great for filming."

Action in the movie then shifts to New York City—you remember them filming here last year.

Jolie said at last night's premiere in Los Angeles, "The movie is one of those that I hope is just a great ride...it's got enough good twists and turns. It does have a plot, a good one," but added her brood of kids isn't seeing it any time soon: "I can't show my kids movies where people are trying to kill me." [Via Capital Confidential, All Over Albany]