It's been 13 years since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind gave sensitive indie kids the love story they would treasure forever and turned Kate Winslet's hair into every color of the rainbow. And now, in a fitting celebration of the not-quite romantic comedy, Alamo Drafthouse is inviting people to a Montauk beach to watch the lives of Joel and Clementine fall apart and come together and fall apart and come together in an endless loop.

The "Meet me in Montauk" celebration of the movie will go down on August 12th, as a bunch of lucky filmgoers get to sit in beds on the beach at Gurney's Resort in Montauk and watch the film, in an immersive homage to the scene in which Joel and Clementine wake up on a bed on a Montauk beach. And in addition to the screening, Alamo is promising "an entire day's worth of memory-making" for you and the other lucky ticket holders, who will traipse around Montauk checking out filming locations and doing fun beach stuff. Oh, and everyone who goes gets a replica of Clementine's iconic orange hoodie, and who couldn't use a decent hoodie?

But yes, that whole "lucky ticket holders thing." Since Alamo probably doesn't want to drag people out to Montauk over and over again, this is a one-time only showing with a limited number of tickets available. The tickets will drop on Friday, August 4th, and will be announced by the Birth.Movies.Death Twitter account sometime that day. Pricing T.B.A.

If you don't get a ticket...well you could always try doing a movie recreation by riding the Long Island Railroad back and forth trying for a meet cute.

Then again, given the dire state of transit this summer, maybe you don't want to risk getting stuck somewhere.