Last year saw the fall and the fall and the other fall of MoviePass, a subscription service that is still white-knuckling on to existence in some form or another. Around the time of its demise, we reached out to Alamo Drafthouse to see if they'd be offering their own subscription service, and were told not yet, though they were beta testing in Yonkers. Now they've announced the program will be rolled out across Alamos all over this year.

Founder and CEO, Tim League, told Business Insider earlier this year that the program appeared to be working at the test theaters, adding, "It's one of our biggest priorities this year, to get that rolled out." He also noted that the Alamo Season Pass "would be an unlimited plan for $20 a month in most areas of the country."

Mike Sampson, a rep for Alamo, told Gothamist that their Season Pass would "expand to all Alamo locations by years end, and while we're assuming there will be a slightly higher price point for the NYC theaters, we don't have a bead yet on what that cost would be."

What might it look like? The Season Pass holders for the beta testing were able to "see a movie as many times as they wanted and could order tickets to standard-format 2D or 3D movies but not any special Drafthouse screenings with a higher ticket price," BI reported, adding, "Those features may also be in Season Pass when it launches," but it's unclear at this time.

Alamo will also be opening its first Manhattan branch this year, at 28 Liberty in Lower Manhattan. We'll update when we have more information on opening day, and when the Season Pass will be available for New Yorkers.