Last year we were thrilled to hear that not only the gorgeous old Metro Theater on the Upper West Side would get a new life, but that the Alamo Drafthouse would be the people to revive it. Now, over a year after that announcement was made, the Drafthouse just announced that they're pulling out of the plans, noting costly construction expenses post-Hurricane Sandy:

"An often-stated priority for the Alamo Drafthouse has been to open a venue in New York City. While that still stands true, the reality of the Upper West Side Metro is that too much has changed since we initially began work on the location. Construction costs have risen tremendously since engaging in the project back in early 2012 (due in some measure to ongoing Hurricane Sandy reconstruction efforts) and ultimately the location is no longer financially viable for us.

We would love to make the Upper West Side location our next neighborhood theater in New York, but we cannot see this particular location as sustainable under current conditions. We're proud to have opened New York's first Alamo in Yonkers last month. We're also excited to see construction of the development in downtown Brooklyn well under way."

While there will be no kale, milkshakes, $7 Old Fashioneds, and themed-movie nights for Upper West Siders, we can still await their public shaming of cell phone users at their upcoming Downtown Brooklyn location, which they're still planning on going ahead with. And there's always their Yonkers theater, which is already open... but you're going to need a car to get there, as it's nowhere near walking distance from MetroNorth.