The Alamo Drafthouse only just announced their first New York location in April, with the exciting news that they'd be taking over the old Metro Theater on the Upper West Side. Now they're doubling down with news that they're opening a second New York location, this one coming to a former Bob's Furniture store in Yonkers. Really! Just last week Apple opened a store in a strip mall in Yonkers, and now this... we await the inevitable "Yonkers is the 6th borough" trend piece in the Sunday Styles section.

Until then, here's some more of the finer details on the Yonkers branch, which will be located at 2500 Central Park Avenue. The theater will include "six screens... the layout of each screening room will eliminate the traditional front row... four of the six theaters will be equipped for 3D projection and one of the theaters will offer 35MM projection." They also promise to bring their ironclad no-talking/no-texting policy.

The space is currently under construction, and will open sometime over the 2012 holiday season.

UPDATE: The theater will actually be located at 2548 Central Park Avenue in Yonkers, inside of the old Regal Cinema, not the Bob's store.