Earlier today thrillseeker/activist Alain Robert scaled the NY Times Building in order to draw attention to the Global Warming threat. He reportedly climbed 52 floors, to the roof, before being detained by police around 12:30 p.m. He did so without the aid of any climbing instruments (except his shoes) and sans the safety of a parachute strapped to his back.

On his website, the URL of which adorned his t-shirt, he stated:

Today is World Environment Day. I have climbed in New York, as a peaceful way to create support for far greater and urgent action from world leaders on global warming. Emissions are still climbing. So am I.

If Jeb Corliss's case is any indication, Robert will likely face reckless endangerment charges. Email us any photos you have from the scene for the below gallery.

Update, 6/5: Another man scaled the NY Times building six hours after Robert did! Renaldo Clarke, an IT consultant who wanted to bring attention to malaria, was successful in his climb, though onlookers thought he wasn't as conditioned or prepared at Robert.