2006_1_alroker1.gifWe were clicking around last night when we came across this entrancing animated-GIF of Al Roker on David Cho's site. It is reminiscent of these recent animations of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, where their facial expressions are strangely static-- but of course, it's a million times better because it's Al Roker. Seems like we aren't the only ones with Roker-on-the-brain today- check out this list from McSweeney's:

Twelve Phrases Involving Al Roker That Return Only One Hit on Google. BY MATTHEW STIDLE - - - -

1. "Al Roker is sexy when he talks about raising his kids"

2. "I keep having dreams about the guys from American Chopper having group sex with Al Roker"

3. "Al Roker went crazy and tried to eat everybody"

4. "Al Roker is hot since he got his gut stapled"

5. "Al Roker is a bitch"

6. "Al Roker is a pimp"

7. "Al Roker is a fucking pimp"

8. "Al Roker is a righteous man, a smooth-as-silk professional whose beguiling personality and wit have made him morning television's most beloved weatherman"

9. "Al Roker is a closet African American"

10. "Punch Al Roker in the balls"

11. "I want to kill Al Roker for what he did to this day"

12. "Anybody who spends time with Al Roker must be cool"