Many celebrity progeny *COUGH TheodoraRichards COUGH* use their parents' wealth and connections to secure preferential treatment. Such is life. So it was somewhat refreshing to read Julie Pacino openly talk about her recent DUI with humility: "I never want it to happen again," she tells the Post. "I was always raised with perspective, and my mom always kept me in check and made sure that I never felt entitled or that I deserved anything because of something my father did."

Pacino, the 21-year-old daughter of Jan Tarrant and Al Pacino, was arrested last month at a West Houston Street DWI checkpoint; she later admitted to drinking and smoking pot. She tells the paper about how she was so embarrassed by her father's fame, she used to pretend she was a deaf mute when autograph seekers approached them. She also made a home movie spoofing him when she was twelve called "Not Another Al Pacino Movie." Pacino went to Tappan Zee High School in Rockland, and played softball for UCLA before opening her production company in Little Italy, Poverty Row Entertainment.

We wonder if she made fun of this seminal Pacino scene in her movie: