2005_11_aj_daulerio.gifA.J. Daulerio, a founding editor of The Black Table, now blogs at Oddjack.com, the website that tells feverish gamblers when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

What the hell is an "oddjack" exactly? (Does it really involve home appliances?)
No, no, you silly mule. Oddjack is actually a racist term for a Swedish person. Nick Denton hates Swedish people.

What's your biggest win and loss? What would you estimate is your lifetime gambling net?
Oh, I can't share that information. That's a jinx. However, I will say that the Kansas City Chiefs absolutely horse-fucked me in Week 2 this year. Thank Allah for those EZ-Payday Loans. But in early September, Jeremy Bonderman and the Detroit Tigers enabled me to spend a night in the Hotel Rivington. I couldn't afford to use the mini bar, but I did steal a pillow case.

Stupidest thing you've bet on? Strangest non-financial wager?
I once made a bet that I could eat three Denny's Grand Slam breakfasts in one sitting. I got half way through the second one before my body, in the cruelest way possible, told me it was time to quit.

Strangest non-financial wager? Hmm...well, some of my cousins and I have a family death pool. We each pick a relative that we think will bite it before the end of the year and the winner gets to sit at the adult table during Thanksgiving.

Ever get into, uh, trouble with a bookie/loan shark/mobster?
Just my father.

What happened last time you were in Vegas? A.C.?
The last(and only) time I was in Las Vegas I was there for 20 hours and spoke on a sports industry panel. This was less than a month into doing Oddjack and I was even more clueless about the gambling industry than I am now. Each time I spoke, the audience shook their heads in dumbfounded disbelief. I guess it was wrong of me to assume that speaking in with an Irish brogue would endear myself to them. Slainte!

The last time I was in Atlantic City it was the winter of 2004. I remember making a pact that I would never go to Atlantic City ever again with nothing less than an 8-ball. It's the loneliest feeling in the world when you're in A.C. and the drugs run out before it's time to go.

What's a safe bet on Gawker Media's next niche blog?
Well, I know they're big into vices, right now. I'm thinking maybe it'll have something to with eating disorders. Barfokuto maybe? Or Gizpukenik?

How often do you find your sports picks completely at odds with your Black Tablemate's blog, Deadspin?
Bah, who reads Deadspin? Nobody! Well, actually that's not true. I try to steer clear of Will [Leitch]'s blog as much as possible lest my self-esteem cannot take anymore of a beating than it has since I've started this whole blogging thing. I'm sure we're constantly at odds since I tend to not do anything like him. We're good cop/bad cop personified.

By the way, what's happenin' at The Black Table? (And I hear Camp Bowery has relocated/evolved?)
The Black Table is still wheezing along. It has a little bit of a yeast infection right now, but it should be fine. We'll get it checked out. And, yes, Camp Bowery is dead (R.I.P.). Eric Gillin has embraced his Lower East Side-ness with open arms and I have moved to Astoria, Queens with fellow BT-er and Media Bistro-ite Aileen Gallagher. I have traded in my gravity bong for a Greek man named Telly.

In doing some really minimal research, I've found like six different web sites in which you discuss liverwurst. Explain.
Congratulations to Gothamist for being lucky number seven. I cannot help myself when it comes to extolling the luxuriousness of the finest cased meat this side of olive loaf. Liverwurst is a gift from God, my friend.. It makes rye bread sing, Triscuits frolic and red onions dance. Sometimes it's the only thing on earth that can keep me from throwing myself into oncoming traffic. When I feel my world is growing dark and my spirit is shaken, I know there is always a pound of magical purple mush at Katz's Deli that can set me straight.

Please share your secret superhuman powers with us.
I can eat live crickets. I can juggle lemons. I can seduce women with the phrase "Who wants to take a ride on Thunder Dick Mountain?" I am deaf in my left ear, which makes my right ear super powerful.To me, at least.

Favorite bar or restaurant?
The KFC in Astoria was fantastic. Then it "lost its lease", apparently. Second would probably be La Bernardin. They have an excellent wine list.

Best celebrity encounter on the streets of New York?
Osama Bin Laden. I guess I should have said something before now, huh?

Best bargain to be found in the city?
You can buy a live horseshoe crab in Chinatown for like a dollar. They make excellent housewarming gifts.

Who's the New Yorkiest New Yorker in town?
Eh, I dunno. Probably some homo.

Any advice for Mayor Bloomberg?
Be more Jewish.