As of this writing, Hudson Yards doesn't have much to its name, aside from ten cranes, one nearly-topped-out building, and considerable tax breaks. But soon (we've been promised) the residential and commercial behemoth on the High Line will have much, much, more. For one thing, that illusive 34th Street-Hudson Yards station at 11th Avenue will eventually accommodate the anticipated flood of 24 million people. Then there's the giant mall, and the observation deck, and even whispers of a 40,000-sqaure-foot Danny Meyer food hall.

And today, we can add air conditioned tree roots to the list of coming attractions. The Post reports that the Public Square at Hudson Yards, which will cost an estimated $250 million to build and landscape—and will supposedly be complete by 2018—has come up with a creative solution to an unusual problem: The green space is going to sit on top of the rail yards adjacent to that new 34th Street station. From the yards, train tracks will radiate heat up to 150 degrees.

So, to keep an estimated 28,000 shrubs and 200 trees alive, the park planners have decided to install a massive jet-engine air conditioner to accommodate the whole 6-acre park. “We are air conditioning the tree roots. It ensures that the trains below don’t generate so much heat that we dry out the soil,” Hudson Yards president Jay Cross told the tabloid.

Those same lucky roots will be watered with recycled rain­water collected in a 60,000-gallon tank. Nothing but the best!