An island of introspection in a sea of hype, anime master Mamoru Oshii is a Yoda-like figure who giggles at interviewers' questions and never makes eye contact. His publicist warned me that he was distracted because, back in Japan, his pet basset hound was ill.

- Opening paragraph from J. Hoberman's coverage of a press conference with Oshii at Cannes

2004_06_lostin.jpg, who directed us to the article, notes that it's straight from Lost in Translation. Of course, Gothamist is charmed because, well, if you're going to be upset about something, it might as well be your illin' pet basset hound who is featured in your new film, Innocence. Also, Oshii, who also made Ghost in the Shell, did some research in New York for the film.

A.O. Scott on the presence of dogs at Cannes, and for another Lost in Translation reset, check out this bust. [Via Movie City News]