There are some things from the 90's that we never want to see again, but on Gothamist Contribute someone added a link to the awesome, awesome commercial from WNBC in the 90's on Youtube and it brings back all sorts of memories. Gothamist remembers watching the ad on TV when we were younger and singing along with the commercial (sad, we know). At least there wasn't any dancing like the Rockettes or what seem like the Knick City Dancers. The commercial has appearances from Chuck and Sue, a big Al Roker and Len Berman and a nice shot of the World Trade Center.

The chorus of the song is "I'm 4 New York. We're 4 New York. For the pride, for the joy, hey world are you watchin? For the thrill of being number one, we're 4 New York." So brilliant. All we want now is for WNBC to bring it back! Update the commercial for the 00's - Chuck and Sue, skinny Al and Len and maybe a new swimsuit for that woman on the beach - we're not digging that shoelace deal.