2006_07_flipflp.jpgThese are scary times for our feet. Yesterday, there were two alarming articles which can only mean that podiatrists are raking it in. The Daily News had an article about the woes to toes from flip-flops - and we've been experiencing some first hand as flip-flops are definitely the easiest thing to wear on the weekends. People (usually ladies) slip, there's tendinitis, and grime from a day's walking - and it's apparently bad to have an open foot wound exposed (putting your wounded foot in a tight, constricting shoe is better, it seems). Doctors' main concern is that people are wearing flip-flops for long distances, as there's clearly no support for your feet, ankles, and legs. Mamma mia, what do the docs say about Crocs?

And the NY Times had a piece about communal yoga mats being a hotbed of foot fungi and the like. That we could have guessed, as sticky mats always seem to be a little too sticky. While some yoga studios try to wipe down and wash the mats regularly, it's not always a sure thing. One woman in the article said she used communal mats because they were there, adding, “I don’t have a horse, either, and I ride," but if you're doing yoga, the $20 an investment is worth it.